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Community Solutions

Aruba SaaS Commuity Products Enable your Enterprise to offer Community Services at a Reasonsble Price
    InfluencerPro is Aruba's Enterprise Influencer Community Platform. InfluencerPro enables your enteprise to completely automate an infuencer progam scaling up to thousands of influencers with a single community manager and a small team of community leaders. Key feature include:
  • Managed Applications
  • Managed Leaders
  • Managed Voting
  • Directory Generation
  • License Distributions
Other feature such as content widgets, badges and events allows and Enterprise to support many marketing activities helping provide value to both the company and the influencers.
    Amazon Web Service Hosting/Management enables your Marketing organization to deploy custom community workloads without needing to engage expensive IT resources. Our standard community hosting services includes:
  • Open Source Mailman Instances, allowing for email distribution without needing to spend any dollars per message or account added to unlimitted number of email aliases.
  • Wordpress Blogs Looking for a good corporate blog platform with plugins that can be domained to your corporate domain, Aruba can provide domain specific blogs or multiple blogs under a single domain.
  • Appache/Mysql Envionments Enabling community members to create and publish small helper apps for the community, including iframe widgets, counters, timers, events notices. Giving your community influencers a home to host small workloads as part fo the community.
VMware vExpert
    Community Consulting Aruba staffs experienced professionals to help you Design, Build, Deploy and Operate your community. Aruba professionals specialize in:
  • Community Software Development, with experience building Khoros, Wordpress and general PHP community widgets and custom solutions.
  • Community Staffing Aruba supports your community with experienced community managers, to help with events, programs and campaigns.
  • Rewards, Gamification & Events Aruba has experience managing all the activities from branded gear, to badging for gamifcation to online and in person events to help your community thrive.